Pavia by bicycle

The Via Francigena is one of the most important and ancient pilgrimage routes that passes through Pavia next to its most significant monuments.
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Pavia by bicycle

Our itineraries can be carried out in small and large groups with the possibility of renting bicycles. Use the information request form and to get a quote.

Durata: 3 ore circa. Itinerario di circa 5 Km, in pianura, adatto anche a famiglie con bambini ma ci sono brevi tratti non sulle piste ciclabili. La visita guidata comincia dalla chiesa romanica di San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro che ospita le spoglie e il monumento funebre in marmo di Sant’ Agostino. Si prosegue verso la spettacolare chiesa romanica di San Michele per poi scendere verso il Ticino con il suo Ponte Coperto e seguire la pista ciclabile lungo il fiume.

During th second part of the tour I will take you along the Naviglio Pavese, where the canal flows into the river Ticino and we will see the ancient factory that belonged to the Einstein family, who lived in Pavia for a while. We will head for the east of the city, passing the seventeenth-century churches of Santa Teresa and San Pietro in Verzolo and some remains of industrial archeology, to get to the small, hidden medieval jewel, the church of San Lazzaro. At the end of the tour you can stop in the green areas by the river for a pic nic!

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