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A new and funny way for kids to visit the city!
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Guided tour conceived as a treasure hunt

A new and funny way for kids to visit the city! Even though we offer also traditional guided tours for schools, we recommend trying this new format! Proposed by us for the first time in Pavia and Vigevano. Learning while having fun we believe is a truly educational experience.

GiocaCittà - Caccia al Tesoro
Un lavoro di squadra

Treasure Hunt teaches how to work as a team to achieve a common goal; it teaches that the personal resources that are needed are multiple and that life requires the exercise of various talents. It will not be a timed race, but a result race, the students will have to reach goals but it will not win who arrives first but who does better

without realizing it


The students will face tests that will concern attention, memory and creativity.


The information that will be given by the guides and that will be used to achieve the goals will be historical, artistic, cultural and will be told in a entertaining and engaging way by inserting curiosities and traditions.


Treasure Hunt will allow kids to learn without realizing it. It takes place in Pavia and Vigevano during a half day. In case of a full day trip, the second part can be completed by a "traditional" guided tour.

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